Meet the Directors

Aaron and Mandy’s Story

We are Aaron and Mandy Vanderhill, the directors of the Woodfield Community Center. During the summer of 2009, our pastor invited us to volunteer with a local youth outreach ministry. It was during this summer that we discovered our deep passion for kids in our community. What started as a fun summer activity hanging out at the Woodfield Apartments with kids who came from different backgrounds and countries, turned into our life’s work. In 2019, we pursued our dream of creating a 501(c)(3) as a way to sustain the work of creating belonging for youth in Kentwood, MI.

As Christians, we wholeheartedly believe that Jesus has invited us into his work here. We have been invited to learn from our neighbors, sit at their table, and get a better glimpse into the heart of God. Our kids have made room for you at the Woodfield Table!

Join us!